The Logan Neighborhood Council is a group of people who live, work, or worship in Spokane’s beautiful Logan Neighborhood. We have a monthly meeting with presentations about things that impact our community and many other gatherings throughout the year, including our annual block party in the fall and our clean-up event in the spring.

The Logan Neighborhood Council is a wonderful place to contribute to your community. We are open to creative ways that residents and businesses want to get involved in order to make Logan an even better place to live or work.

About the Neighborhood

The Logan Neighborhood first organized as a Community Development Steering Committee in 1976. The Neighborhood name was taken from the public elementary school located within the boundaries we were assigned by census tracts. We are proud of our historic nature and architecture and boast two historic districts. The national historic residential district runs along tree-lined Mission Avenue east of Hamilton. The national historic warehouse district is located on Desmet Avenue between Ruby and Pearl Streets.

Centrally located in the heart of Spokane, Logan is comprised of verdant canopies of overarching trees, wide streets, four parks, three major retirement centers, and the Hamilton Street Business District. We take full advantage of two elementary schools, a middle school, a high school, a university, and a law school, all located within our neighborhood.

The rushing Spokane River forms our eastern boundary and provides recreation and relaxation.

The Logan Neighborhood Council is actively involved in preserving the wonderful characteristics of our neighborhood. We invite you to join us at our lively monthly meeting and take this opportunity to meet new friends and neighbors.

The Logan Neighborhood Council