Logan Community Events and Info

Confession time: I don’t really know many of my neighbors yet

I remember one next-door neighbor’s name because he sometimes plows our alley with his business’s small bulldozer.

I remember my next-door-neighbor’s dog’s name because it’s a character I like from a movie.

I remember a neighbor’s name around the corner because for a while, one of her kids came over to hang with my kid. (Her youngest still remembers me only as ‘Hey Neighbor.’)

I joined the Neighborhood Council with a hope to do better. Getting to know the neighbors isn’t just about recognizing faces; it’s about creating a support system and watching out for each other. Relationships with those near us creates a safety net for everyone involved. Being a part of a close community can give that sense of safety and comfort that’s hard to find elsewhere. Knowing our neighbors also helps build trust and respect, which makes it easier for us to work together on shared goals and projects that benefit the whole neighborhood.

The Neighborhood Council exists for those shared projects to benefit *everyone* in the neighborhood — renters, homeowners, and businesses alike. Sometimes that means boring meetings, sometimes that means amazing community events like the Logan Block Party.

To start getting us out more in the community, the Logan Neighborhood now has a digital bulletin board, a place to post event flyers and short bits of information that benefits us. Most of these events are free or less than $5. I hope that seeing each other in and around the neighborhood helps us connect.