Yes, please come to the meeting tonight, either in person or via Zoom. Yes, there’s a men’s basketball game tonight, also at 6p. Yes, that means the free parking in the building at Hamilton and DeSmet is limited. But we have an interesting conversation planned about STA and Division Street.

Tuesday night home games aren’t common in the Gonzaga Men’s Basketball world. A game on the second Tuesday of the month, at the same time as a Logan Neighborhood Council meeting? Rare… but today’s that rare day. Did I check the basketball calendar when it became available? Nope. Sorry, Logan.

This morning my rideshare drove slowly past the Kennel entrance where a half-dozen students camped, cocooned in blankets against the fog. I can tell you I let out a few expletives.

If you *can’t* come, physically or virtually, I’ll do my best to post the presentation. I’ll put up links to materials. That said, coming to meetings, engaging in community, requires a time commitment and honestly, a whole lotta work sometimes — I’m extremely grateful to the few who can make the neighborhood councils a priority in their lives. Thank you!