toy pot contains candy and is taped to a door
Going to an event meant we didn’t answer the doorbell. The very helpful sign above the bowl of candy reads, ‘tricrtryt hyr’

How many of us truly feel Halloween is the best holiday? Seriously, how many times do you get to dress up, pretend to be something/someone you’re not, and get candy for doing it?

Halloween let me combine my love of puns, pop culture, mythology/fairy tales, and art. I got to decorate the bay window in our living room, and my last year of high school I painted an old white sheet as a bar — Fears. (Yes, based on the TV show Cheers.)  A witch (mask with hair and hat on top of a body made from old pillows, arms from pillow stuffing into old panty hose, dressed in black cloth) sat at a table with a ‘bloody Mary’ drink. Her companion — a glowing head (another mask with more hair, wrapped around a round glass display my Mom used to put flowers into; for Halloween it had glowing sticks instead). The bar menu included a price list of “an arm” and “a leg.”
Unfortunately, my home in Logan Neighborhood doesn’t have as much Halloween spirit these days. I don’t feel like making the effort because hardly anyone comes to the door. We have some great kids within two blocks and some of them do go door to door. Most go to other events, and don’t make time to see neighbors.

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

When our daughter was smaller, our family would join friends at their church’s Trunk or Treat or another school’s Halloween festival. Hot dogs, loads of games, lights, creepy stuff for the appropriate ages, lots of candy, and a lot less walking! I truly see the appeal.

This year, I’m setting up my favorite Trunk and candy-for-everyone game  at the Ruby River Hotel’s Trunk or Treat just off Division near the southwest corner of Logan Neighborhood. It’s a little early — Sunday October 22, in the middle of the afternoon (1-4p; my fake candles won’t flicker, that’s fine). Come play the game — can you predict what card I’m holding?

Maybe Logan Neighborhood is past the era of door-to-door. How do you feel about that? Would you like to see a change, or do you want more centralized events? What types of events will you do this year? Take the short Halloween Celebration survey and tell the Logan Neighborhood Council what your think.

And if you don’t know what’s available yet, the Logan Neighborhood Virtual Bulletin Board has flyers and images of upcoming events, all with the date in the file name.  Got an image, email, or other info for the Logan Neighborhood? Send it to!

More about the Ruby River’s Trunk or Treat:

Lists of other Trunk or Treats: and–spokane/halloween/ (many are listed on each) has a list of several events, most of them free or $5:

And not on the lists so far: Fourth Memorial Church is returning to a “Harvest Party” format, Friday, Oct. 27 from 5-8 p.m. (

Momma and Baby’s first Halloween together. Neither of us look like this anymore.